Shamit Das |

Furniture Range for Klove Studio

Guide P Rama Krishna Rao
Keywords Akoya Pearls;business strategy;lotus bus;material research

This project was about developing a range of furniture for Klove Studio, by using various materials and craft processes that brought out the essence of design and quality in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and manufacturing. It was necessary to create furniture with a strong Indian identity, and at the same time, it should have a contemporary feel. The collection had to appeal to high-end customers.

Understanding Klove’s ideology was important to this project. The first part of the project was based on a craft technique practiced in Sultana, Rajasthan. A study on various stores was done. Craft surveys were done in Jaipur and Sultana for finding an exclusive technique that could be used in the furniture range. The second phase consisted of a series of exercises on form development and concept generation. The form of the lotus bud was taken as the inspiration to work with. The result was a low chair and a collection of stools based on forms derived from the lotus bud, petals, leaves, and pod.

The second collection was inspired by Indian jewellery, in particular, the spherical form of Akoya pearls. While doing material research to interpret the pearl to its best, several materials were selected; for instance, stone, wood with metallic polish/coating, metals such as brass, copper and steel, blown glass, and ceramics. Finally, brass was chosen as it was readily available in the market on order basis. Finally, a range of formal seating furniture was designed.

The best part of this project was experiencing a completely different kind of business strategy; wherein, the company was only targeting an elite clientele and experimentation with size and material was executed to its best.
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