Geetika Kejriwal |

An Exploration of Patterns: From Textile to Architecture

Guide Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Sponsor Incubis Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords concrete;fractals;patterns;space design

This project aimed at using the principles of textile construction and pattern design for creating a new language for grids and forms that could be applied to interior spaces and architecture. The project was inspired by the dynamic and evolving contemporary architecture from India and abroad.

Experimental in nature, this assignment was developed with an extensive desk and field-based research and study. It comprised a presentation of an array of patterns and surfaces derived using mathematical equations and theorems. Fractals were vital to this, as they were used to create forms, which were tessellated to create patterns. The patterns, thus derived, were applied to space design in an unconventional way. Patterns have been embedded in the architecture through wall tiles, floor tiles, space dividers, and screens and not used directly in a space through textiles.

The project focused on the interplay between form, light, colour, and material. The patterns were coloured to form a set of coordinated surfaces, which were fabricated into floor tiles in concrete. Concrete wall tiles were formed by embossing these patterns. Space dividers and screens were created using the same principle. The use of patterns was extended in space by creating patterned brick walls; these patterns were applied and presented to a designated space of a hotel in the last segment of the project. These were introduced in the space through a patterned carpet, floor inlay, glass door etching, printed curtains, and embossing on the wall.

This assignment was challenging as it involved developing patterns for space by assimilating the knowledge of Textile Design with that of Architecture. This project was an intuitive and insightful learning experience.
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