Anoushka Garg |

Identity Branding for PeopleStrong’s New Initiative

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor ITU Chaudhuri Design
Keywords brand manual;colour palette;identity design;logo

This project focused on developing an identity system for a new initiative that would be launched across the country by a human resource firm called, PeopleStrong. The objective was to successfully communicate the client’s vision and aspirations through a symbol, and further through the identity which would manifest itself through various visual applications.

The project had to be perceived from multiple directions, apart from developing a cohesive identity system; it also involved design and execution of the applications. To be able to develop an effective brand identity, it was important to absorb as much relevant information as possible about the client and understand the world of identity design and branding. After much contemplation, Hired was agreed upon as the name for the new initiative. Since, “hired” was not a very occupation-specific word, it was decided that a descriptor— “The Jobstore” must be added to make it more obvious.

As the brand had to strike a proportionate balance between professionalism and friendliness, the colour palette selected, progressed from subtle greys with accents to high saturation hues. The spring and “do-it-all” attitude of the logo made it instantly likable. A brand manual was created; it indicated the possibilities of the developed identity with detailed guidelines so that the client could extend the system as and when the need arose.

The project was critical in strengthening one’s understanding about identity design and the approach that was required for delivering the relevant solutions. Gaining industry experience, aligning one’s thoughts with those of the client, a disciplined but creatively open process, and time management skills to meet deadlines are some of the key qualities a professional designer must possess.
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