Shivani Thakur |

Woven Floorscapes

Guide Aditi Ranjan
Sponsor V-Weave, Panipat
Keywords archives;dhurries;material palette;Pit Looms

The main aim of this project was to develop a range of hand woven rugs and home furnishings for high-end European, American, and Japanese markets. The focus was to understand the needs and aesthetic preferences of these markets in order to develop a range of different woven surfaces, textures, and patterns for floor coverings.

Working with an elaborate material palette and resources helped experiment and explore various hand weaving techniques. By revisiting the archives, innovating with different materials, and reinterpreting traditional Indian techniques, five different collections were created for the upcoming season.

The Zig-zag Black and White collection is inspired by the company’s rich archives. It is a range of cotton dhurries with overall surfaces woven on traditional Pit Looms. The collection called, Shadows, introduces a new range of tie-dye dhurries to the existing product range of the company. Patterned Borders is a collection of wool dhurries inspired by elaborate border details seen in different Indian textile traditions such as Pullan Chappals of Himachal, ghaghras of Rajasthan and Mashru bags of Gujarat. Felt in Weave, is a range of different textures and patterns explored using an unconventional material such as felt in woven floor coverings. The final collection called, Grille Work, is constructed with a loop pile technique to achieve various relief patterns inspired from curved line motifs seen in Moroccan grille work.

Working closely with skilled craftspersons and well established buyers of the organisation was a learning experience in itself. The project made it possible to link one’s understanding of design with market requirements and quality standards.
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