Rudro Bhandary |

Ghor Anarth: A Short Fiction Film

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords empathy;non-linear narrative;script;speed

This film dealt with characters who display a sense of power and mindlessness; juxtaposed with this is the central character who is a simple young man. He has fallen in love with a girl and spends all his time reading and sending SMSes through his cell phone; he gets into unwanted trouble and gets killed by an underworld gang. The film is based in Delhi; there are many localities in Delhi where anybody could become a victim of arbitrary and rash behaviour which disrupts the life of common people in the city and invites uncertainty.

This film has been influenced by popular Bollywood films such as Kaminey and Johnny Gaddaar. The film has a raw look, with majority of the shots being handheld ones. The colours, materials, and patterns of costumes were chosen to match the characters in the script, with attention to accessories such as chains, sunglasses, bracelets, and lighters; experimentation was done with natural light and shade.

Speed dominates the film as the story develops around moving vehicles. Music in the film is inspired by the background music of Bollywood films from the seventies; but the pace of the music and instruments gave a contemporary feel. Through this film and the various techniques used therein, an attempt was made to elicit empathy from the audience towards the destiny of Shishir, the main character in the film.

This film was an experimentation with a non-linear narrative. This project helped understand the importance of script writing; it was both challenging and interesting to work with a small crew and work within the budgetary constraints.
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