Nitish Maurya |

Solar LED Street Light to Drive the Economy of ‘Reuse’

Guide Vipul Vinzuda
Sponsor Epsilon Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords metal scrap utilisation;product segments;solar energy;texture exploration

This project focused on metal scrap utilisation to design products out of the production waste at the sponsor’s manufacturing unit, along with encouraging the economy of reuse. It is crucial for every manufacturing unit to know how to effectively and efficiently utilise the given resources and foster better productivity.

The whole thought process moved around modifying the methodology of production flow in the manufacturing plant. Some of the important phases in this project were: understanding the process of scrap generation and reusing it, carrying out explorations, and producing mood boards. Texture exploration was carried out as it was crucial in determining the product profile and functionality. Market research included the study of various product segments, and lighting solutions was the segment that was focused upon.

Electricity continues to become more expensive day by day; undoubtedly, solar energy must be generously harvested to generate power. The final product to be designed was a solar power-based streetlight. A history of street lighting systems and installation aspects was done. A Light Emitting Diode (LED) would be used in the final design—Solaride. Various concepts on the structure and lighting fixtures, along with colour schemes came up during the designing stage. Finally, the first prototype of the street light was made using mild steel.

This project was a good learning experience in terms of interacting with people and coordinating tasks allotted to them. The value of any resource is made evident by how effectively and efficiently it is utilised. Rapid development and advent of new technologies for accomplishing complex manufacturing tasks, makes waste management a crucial agenda. Design process is very important for MSME units; a good design methodology would transform the efficiency of these units.
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