Palak Gupta |

Cabin Luggage and Laptop Case for Those on the Move

Guide Gayatri Menon
Sponsor VIP Industries
Keywords aspirational;carbon fibre;travel accessory;3D modelling

This project focused on designing a light weight travel accessory for an elite market. This product would cater to people who frequently travel for work, both domestically and internationally. The product would not only cater to a new segment of society, but also introduce a revolutionary material called carbon fibre for the international markets.

Beginning with in-depth research done with the help of the marketing team, to the conceptualisation stage, and finally the execution; the entire design process was not only informative but also challenging at many times. After finishing each stage and before moving on to the next, a presentation was made to the entire team including, designers and marketing personnel. Working full time with the prototype team on 3D modelling, helped develop newer ideas which would have been redundant if just done on paper; experimenting at each step led to the creation of a more evolved design which was sleek, compact, and modern.

The final product designed would remain aspirational for the Indian middle class till the time the material becomes common and competitive enough to be afforded by masses. The product would be introduced exclusively in cabin luggages and laptop carry cases, in combination with a soft material.

Every single detail of the design process was given due importance in this project; this contributed greatly to the creation of the final design.
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