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Electric Chimney to Drive the Economy of ‘Reuse’

Guide Vipul Vinzuda
Sponsor Epsilon Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords domestic users;mild steel;scrapology;sheet metal products

This project aimed at designing an electric chimney to drive the economy of reuse by partial utilisation of stainless steel scrap generated at the manufacturing unit of the sponsor; the final product had to be such that it could be mass produced by using the in-house production techniques of the company. The product targeted domestic users from the middle and upper middle-class urban families.

The design process began with the study of scrapology as background research. Frequent visits were made to the company to study materials and processes used to manufacture the sheet metal products for different clients. Product research began with a survey of local shops in Ahmedabad. The next step was product finalisation and its research by study of competitors and primary users. Product conceptualisation was done through form explorations. Form iterations and 3D modelling were done for the selected chimney concepts.

Ergonomic analysis was also an essential part of the design process. Technical drawings and detailed renders were generated to present the final chimney concept.The first prototype was made in mild steel in 1:1 scale by using workshop facilities at the sponsor’s unit. The prototype was then tested and evaluated to suggest necessary design changes, which could also be incorporated in the final product.

The key learning was to design the best possible product from limited production technology and material resources.This project was a good opportunity to generate design solutions for real time problems faced by small industries of developing countries such as India.
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