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Couture Menswear Collection for V Dot CELEB

Guide Amit Sinha
Sponsor Van Heusen
Keywords market segment;micro-jacquards;silhouettes;velveteens

V Dot, a sub-brand of Van Heusen, which is a leading clubwear brand, identified a market space that is yet untouched by competitors. The “glocal” market segment for ensembles that follow modern design with Indian aesthetics only comprise high-end designers or low-quality local brands. Therefore, this project focused on creating a line called CELEB, comprising suits and blazers for the youth, which would combine modernity and Indian aesthetics.

The collection drew inspiration from Indian styles and silhouettes. The theme revolved around India’s mystery and the erstwhile royalty which has found its own intriguing ways into the present ubersexual man’s wardrobe. The palette is grounded with classic blacks, dark hues of purples and greys; and accents that enliven with a touch of vibrancy. The fabrics are rich with velveteens, micro-jacquards, silks; the silhouettes vary from experimental patterns to sharply tailored.

With such vivid colours, rich fabrics, and undoubted style elegance, India has become an inspiration for a lot of designers in-house and overseas. This line has opened up a whole new market segment for Van Heusen. There is potential to tap a lot more consumers by offering ensembles for Indian occasions and festive seasons. The V Dot CELEB line brings together the designer touch and reasonable pricing, all of which contribute to its appeal.

V Dot is popular among the Indian youth as the brand has international appeal. Working on this project was an interesting experience as it gave one an opportunity to design a menswear range, an area that was hitherto unexplored.
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