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Contemporary Woollen Throws in Jacquard

Guide Aditi Ranjan
Sponsor Shingora Textiles
Keywords jacquard;scarves;surface designing;woollen products

This project required a thorough study, research, and conceptualisation for producing fabrics that would add to the sponsorís archives and demonstrate the most convincing utilisation of its resources and skills. This meant going beyond surface designing and developing a new range of weave structures using its existing resources.

The project began with research into the sponsorís existing resources, skill sets, infrastructure, and the existing products in its archives. The sponsor specialises in woollen products. As per the trend study, market study, and client feedback, the market brief for Autumn Winter 2010/11 was, light weight contemporary scarves (woven and printed) for the youth. The idea of developing innovative fabric types and designs that would help re-invent the designs at various levels of production was arrived at.

A collection of eight throws using the jacquard technique with coordinated cushions was designed; this was done keeping in mind the sensibilities of the sponsorís clientele in Europe, USA, Germany, and Japan. A range of scarves and yardage fabric were also made. A varied range of textured surfaces, imparting a different feel to the fabrics was developed; some of them had multiple textures juxtaposed in the same product. White on white designs was introduced; this became a new addition in the sponsorís archive.

Work at every stage, right from conceptualisation to production was meticulously done by employing the best of skills and design sensibilities.
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