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Future Surfaces for Home Appliances

Guide Amresh Panigrahi
Sponsor Samsung India Electronics Private Ltd.
Keywords consumer brands;CMF (Colours Materials Finishes) aspirations;home appliances;surface textures

India’s emerging economy has lured various global consumer brands into its market. But as a consumer market, India proves to be a challenge to any consumer durable company. Its cultural and economic diversity, the rural and urban divide, and the contemporary lifestyle with strong attachment to the traditional roots; offers a set of conditions which need to be addressed for the success of any consumer product or brand. The regional and cultural variations play a very critical role in influencing the psyche of the Indian consumers.

This project sought to analyse the socio-cultural trends among consumers and how they influence various design criteria in the home appliances category. The objective of this project was to understand design aesthetics of the various consumer segments in India and capture their CMF (Colours Materials Finishes) aspirations. A thorough consumer understanding led to forecasting future trends and CMF themes for the home appliances category; this helped develop a pattern database to apply on the products further.

The scope of the project included defining innovative and futuristic surface textures. These surface textures could redefine new surface applications for consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile phones. The project focused on the SEC* A1 & A2 category with stretches up to B1 & B2 as this was the main target group from the urban, upper middle class income segments which Samsung catered to. These were the segments where design mattered as the consumer is flooded with choices and competition is high.

Interacting with individuals at various stages of the project was indeed an enriching experience. Trend forecasting is an interesting field and in order to tap the future trends, one needs to keep track of the changes happening around.
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