Suvankar Pramanick |

Festive Flamboyance: Autumn/Winter 2012

Guide Amit Sinha
Sponsor MPP Creations, monapali (Kolkata)
Keywords colour palette;fabric properties;feminine;surface ornamentation

This project was about conceptualising and designing a collection of 15–20 garments for the urban, cosmopolitan women from India and the Middle Eastern countries falling into the age group of 25–35. Keeping in mind the current trends, the collection needed to be very feminine, with a sensuous flow of fabric, and yet versatile enough for it to be easily converted from office wear to evening wear.

The colour palette was very vibrant and quintessentially Indian. Various shades of red, pink, magenta, and turquoise were used with highlights in shades of wine, blue, brown, and purple.

Fabrics used included silk, satin, net, or georgette. Since the target customers for the collection are bold, confident young professionals, they need to portray different moods and different personalities through their clothing every day.

Thus, the collection was further divided into sub groups which had to be different from each other, yet be tied together with a single thread. This collection has been created by using various surface development and surface ornamentation techniques such as embroidery, print, dye, shibori, appliqué, and patchwork. Though the collection has been developed around one common inspiration, the print development and surface ornamentation development had been explored using different inspirations. The separate neck pieces form an integral and important part of this collection. Every dress has a detachable neck piece along with it, which is heavily embroidered using different materials. Users can easily use these to up-cycle similar dresses.

This project helped understand different fabrics and the way they could be used. The project has given a better insight into fabric properties and how to utilise these in the creation of the different effects desired for a garment.
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