Keyuri Hemant Dalvi |

A Barefoot Walk

Guide Swasti Singh Ghai
Sponsor Ankara Rugs, Mumbai
Keywords floor coverings;sustainable approach;textures;weft twining

This project focused on designing a range of handmade rugs for the HeimTextile Exhibition’12 that targeted the high-end international market. During the course of the project, three ranges of coordinated floor covering were created; this included rugs, floor cushions, and runners.

The first collection, 'Floral Passion' was specially designed for hand-tufted rugs which presented celebration of flowers. For this collection, textiles and floral motifs from all over the world were studied in terms of their significance, colour, and pattern. The second collection was designed for the woven floor cushions by applying sustainable approach of using waste rags or chindis as a raw material. In this collection, the theme evolved through the process of sampling in order to explore the various weaving techniques of weft twining and layering. In the third collection, 'Mushroomy' samples were developed in an attempt to explore an entirely new language of textures in the area of floor coverings. The material selection was highly experimental with combinations of wool, viscose, and cotton. The look was contemporary, experimental, and modern and went well with the company’s image.

All of these collections were showcased at the prestigious Heimtextile Exhibition’12 in Frankfurt, Germany. The project included working in a professional environment, applying a proper design process, and deriving designs which would later be produced at a large scale. From planning, concept development, sampling to final production, close attention was paid to every stage of product development.

This project gave an overview of how international markets worked and provided an insight into current trends and its influences. The project introduced one to an entirely new aesthetic and process of working that has instilled in one the confidence to handle different kinds of projects and be experimental with ideas and their execution.
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