Medhavini Yadav |

Tender Twigs: Teaching Aids for Pre-schoolers Using Textiles

Guide Gayatri Menon;Krishna Amin Patel
Sponsor Design Clinic Scheme for MSME
Keywords child psychology;learning methods;play value;tactile senses

This project was about designing learning aids for children in the age group of 3 years and more; these aids could be used as a replacement for books in pre-schools and for providing a platform for a child to learn while playing. The aids helped in both direct and indirect learning and acted like a supporting element in the learning process.

The project required a detailed research on child psychology, education systems, and teaching aids in the market. A study and analysis of the present scenario of learning methods helped identify the area where there was a requirement for a strong educational aid with a distinct identity. Exploring textiles as a material and using techniques beyond their conventional usage, highlighted those qualities of fabrics that could be utilised in this context. Various concepts were explored in paper and tested with various groups of children. An exhaustive process of elimination based on feedback from children, teachers, and parents, helped finalise a few concepts.

While designing various aspects such as the usability, direct and indirect impact of the product, play value, safety measures, and usage of colours and dyes had to be kept in mind. The final products were: "My Animal Friends", which comprised two toy kits covered the syllabus of Animal Kingdom for pre-schoolers; "Role Play Hats", a set of character shaped caps that aimed to make Aesop's Fables and Panchtantra stories more interactive and absorbing; and "Feed the Aliens", a toy that stimulates the tactile senses of a child with the backdrop of a mission to feed the aliens.

The most challenging part of this project was to think like a child. The importance of involving the users in the design process, time management, and handling responsibilities were key experiences gained.
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