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21″ Ultra Slim Wall-mounted TV

Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsor MIRC electronics, Onida
Keywords design language;Indian market;television;user segment

Ultra Slim televisions are a new segment in the 21″ cathode ray tube television market. Its main advantage is its depth, which is approximately 40% lesser than the normal television sets. With that in mind and the extensive use of wall mounts, work on this project began.

Since the idea of a wall-mounted television segment was new, this project did not have a well defined brief. Hence, a part of research involved identifying where the concept would stand in the Indian market and which part of the user segment would the designed product aim for. Research was mainly done in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. Insights gained were further supported by inputs from the mentor, project guide, and other colleagues. The ideation process was followed by understanding the outcomes of research and frequent discussions; all this led to the final concept.

The product targeted users in the middle and upper middle class segments. The design language of Onida and that of its competitors in the market, helped strengthen the ideas for the concept. The project was taken to the second stage where, the aesthetics was realised to a give a definite style and design for communicating the brand philosophy. The design and ideation took further filtering procedures to finally arrive at a selected concept which was later detailed and developed.

This project helped realise that the final product was purely the result of the design process followed in the industry; throughout the project, an optimum balance was maintained between academics and practical requirements of the client.
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