Gandhali K Borse |

Bicycle for Modern Urban Female (22+)

Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsor TI Cycles of India
Keywords bicycle geometry;BSA Ladybird segment;mobility;unisex bike

The project was about discovering a new, form-based design direction for TI Cycles of India's future bicycles for the modern urban female youth. It was about coming up with a design for this user under the brand BSA. The design had to be in line with the upcoming bicycle market trends.

The basic idea was to capture design directions, user mentality and needs, predicting the upcoming trends, and come up with concepts that would reflect the imagination and trends in the design of bicycles for the target audience and make a style statement of their own. TI Cycles of India has a range of bicycles for women under the BSA Ladybird segment, but most of them are either targeted at school going teenagers or for the low income group (village). Thus, urban women resort to buying a unisex bike or an imported model, as per their budget; they feel that the current segment does not fit into their age group and style.

A good amount of time was spent to understand the basics of bicycles; the market trends; and the consumer preferences, needs, and expectations. The influencing factors such as the geometry of the bicycle, preferred riding posture, and the desired level of riding have a dominating effect on bicycle design. The final deliverable was a working prototype of the bicycle along with graphics and nomenclature for the same.

The learning process was strengthened while working on this project that dealt with mobility. Carrying out research with right set of users, making concepts keeping in mind not just user needs but also constraints of bicycle geometry and its manufacturing processes helped arrive at the final design.
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