Namrata Tiwari |

“Howard” by DRVV: Resort'13

Guide Amit Sinha
Sponsor Moda della Reginella
Keywords androgyny;design vocabulary;minimalism;resort wear

DRVV by Druv Kapur, is a newly formed brand under the company, Moda della Reginella. This project aimed at creating the first collection for this new brand, and moving on to establish the identity of the brand in the market. The collection to be developed was for the season Resort'13.

The project was broadly divided into two phases, where the first phase included ideating and establishing the brand identity for DRVV, while understanding the image that the brand would want to project. The second part included designing the launch collection, which was a challenging task as there was no reference point or established design vocabulary. A detailed research of the concept of resort wear, international resort wear designers, a detailed study of the market statistics and consumers in the Indian context, helped develop the mood board for the collection, complete with the colour and material palette.

The collection, “Howard” stands as a tribute to the modern, functional architecture from Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead. The collection celebrates the strength of an individual. DRVV’s vision, which includes moving beyond social convention, is expressed in the androgyny of the garments. The minimalism and austerity grants a timeless elegance to the entire collection.

The project was a great learning opportunity to understand the various aspects that go into the creation of a brand. Thus, the project was not only about creating a collection, but it extended to creating everything around it right from scratch. The entire design process also helped discover one’s own strengths and design aesthetic; it work was so rewarding that it encouraged one to look beyond these aspects as well.
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