Nikita Vanmali |

Banarsi Brocades: Contemporary Collection of Saris

Guide V Sakthivel
Sponsor Raw mango
Keywords brand identity;colour palette;Kadwa work;Meenakari jewellery

This project included work on traditional textiles and contemporary designs; the project focused on designing a collection of saris based on Banarasi brocades.

The research phase of the project involved studying and analysing the sponsor’s sensibilities, its brand identity, and clients. Raw mango products can be seen at high-end stores and various exhibitions throughout India. The project also involved efforts towards developing an understanding of the tradition in terms of cultural importance, skills, tools, and materials within the traditional techniques of Banaras.

The traditional techniques of extra weft and Kadwa work of Banaras were explored; Meenakari jewellery was the inspiration for this collection. These designs were for women in the age group of 35–55. A thorough understanding of the weaving techniques and costing was required in order to create commercially and aesthetically viable designs. It was interesting to work with the weavers and interpret the designs more clearly and get their inputs as well. The colours were also borrowed from the traditional colour palette of Meenakari jewellery.

Working in a commercial environment which relied heavily on the craft sector, offered many avenues for enriching one’s experience as a designer. Communicating with the weavers helped ensure that the designs reflected their sensibilities as well. Delegating responsibility to various individuals and negotiating with vendors were tasks that helped one branch out one’s design learning in the practical world. The project got very constructive feedback and gave the much needed encouragement to perform better in future projects.
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