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Handheld Device for Underwater Depth Measurement

Guide Dr.Subir Das
Sponsor Design Consultancy Services (DCS)
Keywords laypersons;mechanism ideation;site scan;SONAR

This project aimed at developing a product for determining the depth of a water body and nature of the waterbed at predetermined locations during a site scan, something that is crucial to underwater search and rescue operations.

This handheld device works with on the principle of SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging). Similar sophisticated instruments, meant for scientific use, are available in the market. But these are very expensive and not suitable enough to be operated by laypersons. There came the need to design and develop simple but reliable equipment, which would provide the required information, and at the same time would be easy for laypersons to work with.

The design and development of the device went through all the stages of product development—starting with understanding initial crude proof of concept model, to giving insights for the concept refinement, research, interaction with electronics engineers, mechanism ideation and tests, creating a design and its repeated iterations playing in the constraints, communicating the same to CAD engineers, prototype development, ultimately leading to the final design ready to be taken for manufacturing. With due consideration to aesthetics, styling, and ergonomics, a simple, compact, easy to use, and functionally competent solution was formulated with a view to make it a popular and successful product for common use.

This project delved into more real world situations in an industrial design scenario. The most interesting part of the project was to coordinate each simultaneous and mutually dependent process to meet the requisite deadlines, without compromising on the requirements.
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