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Ceramic Tableware for Hosts

Guide Neelima Hasija
Sponsor Dileep Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords entertainment;food experience;Mandana paintings;user investigation

This project was about designing tableware for the entertainment scenario using ceramic material. Target customers were identified; a few interviews were conducted; other trends were thoroughly observed to develop insights for new ideas for developing a fresh range of tableware that would impart an interesting food experience.

The project involved subject research, concept generation, glaze and material exploration, prototyping (form development, surface ornamentation) and final execution of design.
Functionality, stackability, aesthetics, and quality surfaces were the main requirements of design in this project. Considering the domestic market and strengths of available production facilities, a market survey was conducted to observe the trends and choices of the modern consumers. Scientific and philosophical aspects of entertainment were studied to find relevant connection with this project. User investigation was done to know the subconscious desires for ceramic ware and entertainment with respect to food. Analysing and synthesising the findings from research helped generate concepts for new product development.

Three ranges were developed as final derivatives for concluding the entire project of six months. That included nesting bowls for serving purpose, second bowls for salad, soup and ice cream and third a small morning tea set. For surface decoration of the products, Mandana paintings were selected because of their spontaneity, intricacy, rawness, and natural colours used.

Besides the tangible products created as a part of this project, it provided valuable learning on how to communicate with workers and technicians and ensure that they were able to understand the new concepts being explained. The project also taught the importance of meeting the expectations of client and delivering its goals within the time frame and resources available.
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