Garima Tolia |

Who’s Next: Paris Trade Show, June 2013

Guide Krishna Amin Patel
Sponsor Anupamaa
Keywords design philosophy;Crepe de sheen; resort-driven collection;native crafts

The main focus of the project was designing a collection for ‘Who’s Next: Pret-a-Porter, June 2013’. ‘Who’s Next’ is a trade exhibition held in Paris twice a year. The framework for this collection came from Anupamaa’s Wills India Fashion Week, Autumn Winter 12/13.
To understand the label’s design philosophy and aesthetics, Anupama included me in her Design team for Wills India Fashion Week, AW-12/13. This project required an understanding of the design process involved, which later helped in building the collection. The design brief given was about creating a sensuous resort-driven collection, a sharp timeless look that highlighted the magnetic appeal of the hand painted textiles of 16th–18th century India. The idea was to draw inspiration from the west India’s sartorial expertise with textiles and create a magical appeal in the garments.

Since, Anupamaa is a Print based studio known for its eclectic colours and artis¬tic look, the collection was inspired from the beauty and colours of native crafts. Therefore, rich fabrics such as silk, Crepe de sheen, and Chanderi were used in the collection to bring out the vivacious colour story. The looks were supposed to have an east meets west feeling, which is why the silhouettes although modernised, were kept rather traditional. Crafts from India are highly valued around the globe. The exquisite nature of indigenous crafts represents ingenuity and skill of crafts¬manship.

The forte of the label lies in textiles, fabrics, and prints and so understanding the complexi¬ties of printing was the most interesting aspect of this project.
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