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Back to Roots: Transforming Car Interiors with Indian Cultural Indicators

Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas
Sponsor Renault India Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords avant garde;company aesthetics;concept cars;Indian aesthetic

Renault has always been associated with innovation and setting benchmarks in the field of automobile design. This project was about designing interiors for concept cars targeted for the Indian market. The project extended plenty of creative freedom as the core idea was to not be overtly constrained with the current technical and marketing boundaries.

Being a concept car, a lot of free thinking was essential to come up with innovative, avant garde concepts. The interiors to be developed were to be a synthesis of both, company aesthetics and the aspirations of the target consumer segment. The project was about understanding the local cultural drivers of the country expressed in the home interiors. This understanding was to form the base, which in turn would inspire the visual experience inside a car. The company desired to get an “Indian touch” inside the car, thereby, inculcating traditional influences in the global design aesthetics of the company.

The work spanned several aspects such as creating a brief for the project, carrying out an extensive research, and coming up with a set of ideas enriching and enhancing the experience inside a car. This vehicle had to respect Renault’s design philosophies amalgamate it with an Indian aesthetic, a tough challenge by any standards.

In essence, this project was an exciting journey that compelled one to look afresh at every practical constraint, trying to find the right direction and exploring something novel every time. Attempts were made to strike the right balance between meaningful radicalism and emotions, and at the same time, come up with something which was Indian in essence and not a futile exercise in aping western design sensibilities.
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