Amishi Vadgama |

Contemporary Saris in Organic Cotton

Guide V Sakthivel
Sponsor Ethicus
Keywords dobby weaves;Islamic Architecture;jacquard patterns;organic products

This project focused on creating an organic cotton sari collection for the sponsor. It throws light over the concept of a “farm to fashion brand”, where the entire value chain, be it the environment and local wildlife, the farmers, the weavers, the centuries-old traditions, future generations, and ultimately the very nation are taken forward towards a better quality of life. The project brief was about designing a collection of saris woven on jacquard handlooms based on the theme of Islamic Architecture. The collection needed to reflect the organic sensibility of the brand through which people could feel the beauty of their fabric.

Taking reference from the patterns in Islamic Architecture, concepts were developed for saris by exploring a variety of layouts, textures, and motifs. By understanding the limitations, possibilities, and requirements of this project, three collections were developed based on the market feedback. The saris were segregated into traditional, semi–contemporary, and contemporary ranges to cater to different clients. For the contemporary range, it was a conscious effort to deviate from the regular natural dye colours that described the most organic products in the market.

The project provided a platform to experience an entrepreneurial set-up, right from the cultivation of organic cotton to weaving of cloth, and its final conversion to garments. Through this project, the sponsor has gradually moved closer to a more organic and contemporary range of saris that reflect a tactile and visual texture through an amalgamation of plied yarns, play of colour, dobby weaves, and jacquard patterns.

It introduced saris priced at a comparatively lower range than the prior collections due to their client demand where, the first lot was introduced in the market and then produced according to its demand. A set of six saris per warp were also produced.
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