Samridhi Thapliyal |

Burma Dreams

Guide Ajay Tiwari
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords documentary;PluralEyes;self-discovery;Thangyat

This documentary film tries to honestly represent the struggles of the Burmese as they produce their revolutionary music called the Thangyat. The Burmese are a living example of people who stand strong in the face of adversity with a lot of dignity. The film began with a loose script. The inability to communicate with the Burmese people with complete ease was something that added to the difficulty of gathering information or planning a certain day or event. Tashi Tobgyal, who is a photojournalist, volunteered to shoot the film. The location for filming was in the Vikaspuri area of New Delhi.

The Canon 5D Mark II was used for the shoot; Zoom H1 was used for audio recording. The shoot was planned for eight days. A religious congregation of the Burmese Christians was filmed. Two interviews were conducted; one with Win Yan Zaw better known as ZawZaw, who is in charge of the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), and the second interview was with Hre Hluan who was an ex-army official.

A list of questions was prepared, but was later abandoned for the sake of a more spontaneous recording. A protest demonstration was organised at Jantar Mantar was also filmed. The film was edited on Adobe Premiere Pro. The external recorded audio was synched with the location audio using an audio-video synching software called PluralEyes. The first cut was 20 minutes long, which was later, brought down to 17 minutes.

The film has intended to honestly represent the issues of the Burmese people through their songs and applauds their spirit as they stand alone voicing their thoughts and concerns from across the borders. This film has been a journey of self-discovery and has imparted a thorough lesson in perseverance, planning, and belief in oneself.
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