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Homepage Customization of Broker Dealer Workstation

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor J P Morgan Pvt.Ltd.
Keywords broker dealer firm;customisable widgets;interaction models;user testing

This project aimed at adding value to the landing page of a broker dealer workstation and making it customisable as per its userís needs. The current version of the broker workstation provides a standard home page which displays market-related information in a dashboard format. This content, although important, does not necessarily provide the best value to brokers; it is one-dimensional.

The project involved understanding the businesses and roles of various users within a broker dealer firm which includes the broker, sales associate, trader, compliance, and support and operations manager. Upon analysis, the target user selected was the broker. The research process involved the mapping of user needs, behaviours, and expectations. This was followed by creating personas, scenarios, storyboards, and task flows to represent the collected data. Once the breakpoints were identified and a competitive analysis complete, various concepts were visualised with low fidelity prototyping. This was followed by the user testing which provided important feedback for the high fidelity prototype.

The proposed design not only displayed market related information, but also expanded its scope by including vital information about clients and the business to provide a complete business overview. After a careful study of the priority tasks of the broker, certain features were added that brought out task-specific processed information to the homepage; this would help the broker to understand the current situation and make informed decisions. Customisable widgets added to the designís flexibility. The proposed interaction models could make the brokerís experience intuitive, quick, and easy.

This project gave a thorough understanding about the user's work, methodologies, and environment; these aspects are indispensable for designing a superior and responsive product.
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