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Crossing Path

Guide Ajay Tiwari
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords Banaras;experimental;non-narrative;Samsara

This film is called Crossing-path, and points to a place where heaven and earth
meet or where there is a “crossing over” on the river of Samsara (the cycle of birth and death), providing human beings an access to the heavenly world; it is also a route for the gods to enter the human realm. This is an experimental and non-narrative short animation film based on the city of Banaras.

After an intensive research on Banaras, ambient sounds, sketches, paintings and photographs were captured and created on a field trip. A mood board was made. Research helped create a final storyboard, which went through several stages of correction. Various experimental animation films were viewed for inspiration. After exploring various treatments such as watercolour and oil on glass, it was decided to animate the final film digitally using Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

The creation of a short animation film is based on a few core concepts. In a clear, straightforward manner, the film must be self-contained. It must be readily understood by anyone, without any prior explanation. It must also be entertaining without being shallow; the intention must be to build layers of meaning that coexist and do not hamper the flow of the piece. Likewise, this film is open to interpretation above and beyond what is apparent to the eyes.

Making a film on Banaras provided an opportunity to explore the city and its culture, the ghats, its people, and their activities from dawn to dusk. Being a non-narrative film, various unconventional methods of animation were explored.
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