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Vintage Collection for Shantanu and Nikhil

Guide Aarti Srivastava;Sonal Chauhan
Sponsor Finesse International Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Keywords brand functioning;couture;design vocabulary;trend forecasts

This project was about developing collections for three important fashion weeks: S&N Drape Autumn/Winter ’11 for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week; garments presented at the Synergy Couture Week 2011; and Van Heusen Men’s Fashion Week 2011.

Research helped understand the brand ‘Shantanu and Nikhil’, its design vocabulary and its contemporary role in Indian fashion. A study of the brand’s previous collections, markets, consumer preferences, and brand functioning was also done. Mood boards and concepts were created; colour and trend forecasts were referred to. For every concept, samples would be created looking at the possibilities. The initial sample would either be a motif or one unit which would be repeated or a part of the surface. Techniques such as sewing, appliqué, embellishment, and laser cut were essential while working on this project.

Three broad collections were designed: Divonics, Purple Muse, and Perfume. ‘Divonics’ focused on the young ambitious women of today; pop stars and rock music divas inspired this collection. The motif direction comprised lines in a geometric pattern; another direction called, Ornamental, focused on damask and baroque designs. ‘Purple Muse’ comprised textured and embroidered garments with a royal vintage look for modern Indian men. The shapes of the ogive and pine cone were used a repeats to form an overall surface. ‘Perfume’ explored couture through clothing inspired by the Elizabethan era; the motif direction was based on Mughal architecture, Celtic motifs, and the oval shape and its variations; the clothes in this collection included a lavish range of gowns, lehengas, and saris.

This project was the perfect opportunity to test one’s design skills; a balance was struck between aesthetics and functionality. The process of executing, and seeing the ideas transform into beautiful garments gave a sense of accomplishment.
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