Vasanthi Veluri |

Celebrating Hand Skills: Hand Spun-Hand Woven-Hand Printed

Guide Aditi Ranjan
Sponsor Greenfoot Ecotex
Keywords block printing;hand printing;Khadi;Neem

This project involved designing a new apparel brand—Yuva khadi. The main objective of the project was to design this brand through the medium of prints and dyeing techniques; thereby, renewing the existing range of khadi fabrics and enabling the youth to value and appreciate Khadi.

A careful study into the block printing traditions of Jaipur helped introduce a contemporary approach in the technique while integrating it with Khadi; this attempt relied heavily on the knowledge, skill, and experience of people. Understanding their working conditions, lifestyles, and bringing these traditions to the contemporary market was an important feature of this project. Several themes came up during brainstorming sessions and the theme selected was—Neem; based on this theme, a range of apparel for men and women was developed using the block printing techniques of Sanganer and Jaipur. Stoles were developed using techniques of hand painting (potna) and natural dyeing.

Some of the concepts were not feasible due to the present resource scenario and were presented as ideas which could be taken forward in the future. An important outcome of this project was the innovative ways in which Khadi was showcased with all its qualities and character. The second major contribution was developing a system of going through the design process and establishing a work ethic in a newly developing work scenario.

Assessing situations and relying on one’s own judgement to arrive at major decisions were important skills learnt. The designer’s responsibility towards creating the peripheral as well as the core structure was fully realised. The entire process involved interacting with people at various levels. Establishing a close working relationship and trust with the block makers, block printers, and dyers was indeed a crucial aspect and turned out to be an invaluable learning experience as well.
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