Soumyadip Ghosh |

Phantasmagoria: Looking Beyond the Temporality of the Subconscious

Guide Dr Deepak John Mathew
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords collective unconscious;existence;realism;reality

This project is a journey to find the meaning of existence and contemporary society. The effort was to use allegories and metaphors in creating something that was incomplete and could spark a thought or discussion.

It is an objection to the interpretation of reality communicated by the society and media as photographic truth. In the quest of finding what was real and what was "not", a grey space was discovered, an undefined space on raw infinite subconscious which appeared and disappeared simultaneously and mysteriously. From a narrative standpoint, the project is a sort of storyboard, and watching frame after frame is akin to the feeling of watching a film.

The theme in this project is the grey area in the mind, when hope leaves one, when one is exiled from joy. The night can be a state of mind, when one is depressed or mourning, when a clear existential direction disappears, and one’s individual values paradoxically become more. The effort was to create a sort of imagery which broke the classical notion of realism and truth; where photographs do not become a mere tool of documentation of what is happening around, rather become an expression of how one perceives the world around through the conscious and the subconscious.

The impact of collective unconscious of “thyself” and its representation was the main aim of this project. A conscious effort was made to keep out orthodox notions of composition and sense. Engaging the viewers with the photographs for a longer period of time than usual was the aim, so that they could plunge into all the corners of the image and make a notion according to their socio-political mindsets.
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