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Better Visibility for HUL Products in Kirana Stores

Guide C S Susanth
Sponsor Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Bangalore
Keywords brand retention;distribution channel;Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG);revenue

Markets today are saturated with multiple brands screaming for attention. The competition is so fierce that every retailer is facing a challenge to keep up with all the brands in order to generate better revenues and achieve set targets. Similar is the scenario for kirana stores. Since the commodities are fast moving and these stores serve the masses, the revenue generated by them is very critical for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands.

Work on this project included analysing the existing distribution channel, shelf displays, kirana store merchandise, studying consumer perceptions and proposing new designs which would have practical implication. It covered creating multiple design directions for enhancing product display, educating retailers and bridging the gap in existing communication by unifying unorganised retail, creating loyalty vendors, creating brand recognition by means of organising retail space, scalable measures such as creating brand merchandise which add to brand retention and communication, designing and developing solutions which enhances the product visibility and enhances its brand value.

The project gave a gamut of perspective in understanding the importance of the design process and industrial operations. This project gave insights on how each consumer is precious to the brand and how a well established brand operates to create a difference in everyday lives of these consumers.

This project gave me opportunity to apply one’s knowledge and understanding of retail design. It has further enriched one’s understanding and capabilities of working in real life situations on specific design-related tasks. This was an excellent opportunity to stimulate strategic design while exploring the possibilities with excitement, learning, and feeling of accomplishment.
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