Abhimanyu Singh | ar.aschauhan@gmail.com

Flagship Store for "Digiworld"

Guide C S Susanth
Sponsor Aakriti Build Interio Pvt. Ltd
Keywords branding;customer footfalls;in-store experience;planogram

The project focused on developing the design framework for Digiworld Retail stores. The framework would be followed as part of branding and store design guidelines. The brand, Digiworld, as a consumer durable retail chain is the brain child of Videocon, one of the largest consumer durable retail companies in India.

The project focused on understanding the brand to enhance the in-store experience and increase customer footfalls by analysing problem areas in the existing stores and proposing appropriate creative design concepts. What had to be designed was a cost-effective and efficient visual merchandising fixture which can be put up in the lifestyle retail format and can showcase the variety of products at one place. The fixture should be able to showcase at least one variety of products from each category and should be dynamic in nature so that different products can be housed on it.

An effective space planning and layout for the Flagship store of Digiworld in Vasai, Mumbai was done on the basis of planogram already developed by the company. Work on designing new fixtures for the gaming zone, promo area, cash counter, visual merchandising was accomplished, in addition to some exciting creatives to highlight specific products.

This project was very informative in terms of knowledge gathered about consumer trends and the retail sector in general.
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