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Streamline | Collect | Communicate

Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsor J P Morgn Chase & Co.
Keywords BTS artefacts;communication strategy;data collection;PMO (Project Management Office)

This project aimed at designing and developing a framework for managing and maintaining BTS artefacts that will be shared with the senior leadership team on an ongoing basis at J.P. Morgan.

It has been observed that management executives, policy makers, and people who have the authority to take key decisions in an organisation, face difficulty in tracking multiple projects at the same time; this is mainly due to insufficient and inappropriate data regarding each project/team. In order to ensure that sufficient and appropriate is data available at hand, this project identified and applied some solutions for achieving an efficient framework. Managing the dynamics of the data and the specific requirements could be a very challenging task.

The project addresses two key areas: (a) streamlining data collection processes for PMO (b) Communication Strategy for BTS. It was interesting to streamline data collection processes for the PMO (Project Management Office), by understanding the firmís ecosystem, gathering information about project, project management and the project management office, the purpose, industry trends, brainstorming sessions with the teams and the individuals, and how these processes lead to the second part of the project; namely, creating a communication strategy for BTS.

Systems level thinking was crucial to this project. There is an urgent need to look into processes from multiple perspectives simultaneously so that new fields that merit a designerís attention are created. For a design management student, this project provided a valuable learning experience that helped understand the various processes and forces at work within an organisation.

Systems level thinking was crucial to this project. There is an urgent need for looking at such
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