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Play * Learn * Sleep

Guide Paresh Chatterjee;Gayatri Menon
Sponsor Creative Portico India Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords home décor;inkjet textile printing;interactive (game) textiles;minimalist silhouettes

The objective of the project was to develop a new range of home décor collections for children under the brand name of “SNOOG”, the company’s own furnishing brand for children. Two collections of interactive home furnishings had to be designed for children in of the age group of 5 years and above and build up a vocabulary of new ideas using different industrial textile printing processes.

The project began by understanding a child’s normal behaviour, its daily activities, and the existing market scenario. Based on research and analysis, a portfolio for kids was made. The project encompasses the process of designing interactive (game) textiles as home décor collection for children. The collections were based on their daily life and learning activities such as knowing the solar system, rainbows, and the colours around. The collection is also inspired from technology with minimalist silhouettes having functional details.

This was an opportunity to traverse through the conventional methods of textile printing as well as recent developments in the area of textile printing techniques such as inkjet textile printing or digital textile printing. Sampling, user testing, and making the final prototype were among the most important stages of the project.

This project helped one realise how a diploma project is about developing a system while being part of one. This project helped understand the value of knowing a subject deep enough, so that one could share his or her learning and experience with others.
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