Diya Kalia |

Handmade Ceramic Jewellery Design

Guide Neelima Hasija;Tarun Deep Girdher
Sponsor Ochre Ceramics & Pottery
Keywords design aesthetics;explorations;product literature;skill enhancement

The project aimed at creating a range of ceramic jewellery for the high-end market. The project was a response to the challenge of extending ceramic material to a new threshold of expression. Familiarity gained through handling a similar subject during the classroom project gave the required edge to plunge and explore.

The project emerged as a fluid two-way process with three rounds of explorations which were showcased in exhibitions and user feedback responded to—a national level exhibition in Delhi, at Dastakar, a local fair–Art Haat in Vadodara, and then at the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai. A market survey in Ahmedabad added further insights. The explorations were done in clay and various kinds of permutations and combinations of beads, textiles, metal wires especially brass, copper, and German silver were made.

A skill enhancement and training programme was conducted for women artisans. The project concluded with two collections of ceramic jewelry: Ethnic and Contemporary. Along with this, the branding of the collections in terms of tags, product literature, packaging and portfolio, was also delivered to the client. It was a task to strike a balance between design aesthetics and the parameters of the production process. A lot was learnt during the final execution of the prototypes and the training programme. Tackling different ambiguities in decision making and finalising the same has taught one to be flexible, while learning the skill of convincing people.

The whole system of exploring, selecting, preparing, and participating in the event was the best experience one could get as a student-designer. The project required the designer to act as a catalyst at all levels of development.
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