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Designing an E- Business Portal: A Platform to Enable and Encourage Businesses Online

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor East Village Interactives,
Keywords automated payment system;online business;strategic design building;website design

This project focused on designing an e-Business online product idea, Paytato, which is a versatile platform for any type of business; be it a store, service, group, or NGO. The project underwent different stages of development, each of which required ideation, visualising, and strategic design building.

Adequate time was invested in exploring the domain of e-Commerce and the web/digital media of Graphic Design. The project included tasks such as coming up with a brand name, devising branding and communication strategies, website design, experience design for the front-end of shops for buyers, and experience design for the back-end of shops for sellers. Paytato is a word derived from the word “potato”; not just the name, the analogy itself is taken from the features of the vegetable in order to build up the brand communication strategy and represent the product’s attributes.

Paytato is a set up of varied features that helps one chose and set a business online. In short, Paytato is a set up of different features and different tools needed to start any online business. It provides the client with an automated payment system, designs to display their online business profile, hosting space, domain name, logistics, and a content management system (CMS) to manage their business.

This project was challenging and futuristic and has tremendous scope. It helped explore the digital media and the domain of UI design. This project helped one realise the role of Graphic Design in the domain of web design. The experience gained from this project would be of immense help in working on online branding projects in future.
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