Mira Felicia Malhotra | malhotra.mira@gmail.com

Communication Strategy for a Dance Event

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor Sony Music India, Mumbai
Keywords info-graphic;microsite;urban culture;visual language

This project focused on designing communication strategy for the first annual Indian qualifier of the global dance event, UK B-Boying Championships launched by Sony Music India’s independent initiative. An effort by sub-brand Zomba, a hip-hop portal, the winner who would represent India in the global tournament is chosen after eliminations conducted in Chennai, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

As a website, Zomba.in covers all aspects of hip hop and urban culture, performing arts, and visual arts. It is the first hip-hop website to allow users to log in, interact, and post street art and sound files. To increase influence in this space, it was decided to bring down UK B-Boy championships to the Indian scene. It was observed that the same kind of audience from the ghettos/slum dwellers that initiated the culture in the west is the same demographic that has popularised it in India too.

A strategy by which one could appeal to a target audience that was spread across all economic backgrounds was proposed. A logo was created for the Indian qualifier and high fidelity, photography-based key art featuring city monuments and streets of India, with this street dance being performed in the foreground was made. An info-graphic was also created; it would educate people about the history of the dance form, relevant slang words, and facts. A microsite for Zomba.in was made. Finally, a workshop kit that included merchandise and relevant material was designed.

It was challenging to maintain the visual language for such a vast project across various media in one’s capacity as a designer. Once the design process was firmly in place, there was more clarity with regard execution of tasks; it also helped employ strategies that made the project more cohesive.
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