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Architectural Projection Mapping

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor VIA Interactive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords artwork, ;graphic language;perspective distortion;three-dimensional motion graphics

The objective of this project was to conceptualise and design the graphic language of an Architectural Projection Mapping sequence for VIA Interactive. The projection mapping sequence should demonstrate the scope of this new communication tool in the context of an Indian audience.

Architectural Projection Mapping is the projection of three-dimensional motion graphics in real-time onto the surface of a building or structure. As an outcome of this, the exterior of the building appears to come alive with animated forms, transforming into a dynamic construction. The audio-visual projections are meticulously mapped to fit the specifications of the building. After watching numerous videos and theoretically studying how to proceed with a projection mapping project; it became essential to root the findings in a practical, applicable scenario. A case study by the team at Square Radius, a design firm based in Delhi was studied; then the brief was redefined.

A variety of subjects and variations in treatments were explored. A few experimental exercises in a limited space were carried out to understand viewpoint, distortion, perspective distortion, angle of projection, and optimum distance. The work also included creating models, mind maps, mood boards, storyboards, animatic, sound design, and animation. The artwork was created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and imported in Adobe After Effects for the final prototype video.

For a project, especially one that stretches over considerable time, a mix of flexibility and solidity is essential to handle changes in requirements or administrative decisions. The responsibility of delivering a product, at times requires one to step out of one’s comfort zone and adapt to the need of the hour.
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