Sujay Das |

Modular Home Entertainment Storage and Display System

Guide Sajith Gopinath
Sponsor Design Era
Keywords IT industry;modular solutions;pre-laminated particle board tiles;wooden wall panelling

This project, in its initial stages, focused on designing a range of modular living room furniture, using various materials and industrial processes that brought out the essence of design and quality in terms of aesthetics, material usage, functionality, and manufacturing. Later, the project brief was redefined to make modular home entertainment storage and display system.

The project began with a vision to make modular solutions for the middle income group, its main target being IT employees. The IT industry is a fast growing industry in India; it employs a huge young populace with unique needs and requirements. This scenario offered a unique challenge in understanding the functioning of the entire system. It was important to establish a link between the designer, the market, the manufacturer, and the consumer.

An analysis of the market and design trends, user aspects, and lifestyle choices was done. The materials, possible joineries, fixtures, and ergonomic dimensions to form a design guideline were also studied. Pre-laminated particle board tiles and a storage unit comprised the basic module of the final system. A combination system consisting of wooden tiles and a storage unit was explored so as to give a customisable solution to users, depending on the room space available. The wooden tiles and storage could be used individually as well; this unit could act as a readymade solution for the traditional wooden wall panelling.

This project helped instil confidence in one’s abilities as a designer; it also gave a first-hand understanding about developing a brand experience. The project also helped understand the company’s value and work ethics.
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