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Home Décor: A Coordinated Collection of Home Textiles and Made ups for Catalogue

Guide Swasti Singh Ghai
Sponsor Ideal Textiles
Keywords home furnishing;international markets;recession;value addition

This project was about developing home furnishing fabrics including sheers, curtains, upholstery, and made-ups for the sponsor’s catalogue. The project deliverables consisted of five collections which would cater to international markets, mainly in the UK and USA.

This project involved tasks such as analysing real life situations within the specific context of design and innovation, working within limited infrastructure, managing production, and following market trends. In the initial phase, work began by analysing the company profile, its ideology, the available infrastructure, the work system, clients, the existing designs and products. An exploratory approach was adopted in terms of concept generation for weaves, textures, and motifs. The objective was to come up with innovative and commercially viable design concepts as all international markets were still going through recession.

Five different collections came up as a result of deliberations: Retro Palm, Romantic Rose, Underwater Variation, and Foliage and Peacock. The collections were coordinated and involved the use of a wide range of value addition techniques including woven designs, ikat dyeing, various printing techniques, and machine embroidery on cotton, linen, and cotton-linen blended fabrics. The cost factor was an important one; the products were to cater to a high-end market, but the production prices had to be kept as reasonable as possible.

This project helped learn about various phases of design and development, sampling, cost consideration, management, and fabric/product viability. It gave a glimpse into how the markets functioned and how to respond to the various market requirements.
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