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Door Accessories

Guide Vipul Vinzuda
Sponsor Swarovski India
Keywords contemporary;design language;production planning;project methodology

This project aimed at developing a premier range of door accessories for a very niche market. These accessories were to be developed in collaboration with Swarovski’s client, Dorset. Drawing inspiration from latest trends, a range of Swarovski embedded door handles were created; these were sophisticated, elegant, and contemporary. There was a lot of freedom to introduce new and unconventional material for this range.

The design process for this project included research on the existing door accessory market, domestic, and international consumer trends, and production limitations. On the basis of such research, a design language was chalked out and refined further with inputs from the project guide and mentor at NID. The design language gracefully translated into prototypes at a later stage of the project and finally came out as finished products.

The end deliverables comprised three collections— Executive (basic range), La-De-Da (luxury range), and Cult (limited edition). Each collection had two to three designs and used Swarovski crystals in various shapes and sizes. Apart from designing and gaining exposure to the real market scenario, communication systems in the industry, production planning and costing was also a part of this project.

The overall experience of working on this project can be described as experimental, creative, enriching, and augmentative. It introduced one to a market with international standards and exposed to functional aspects of a design house. The design process, learnt at NID was effectively put to use, in planning the project methodology. The research process helped pre-empt the various aspects concerning connectivity between prolific design language and commercial feasibility.
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