Namrata Shenoy |

Ek Cup Chai: Branding & Store Design for Tea

Guide V S Ravishankar;C S Susanth
Sponsor Future Research Design Company (FRDC) Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords beverage;brand identity;cultural indispensability;store design

Chai or tea, is not only the most common beverage across households in this nation, it is also the single drink that lends itself to variations in technique, flavour, and purpose. The aim of this project was to develop brand identity, collaterals, and store design for a new brand to capture the essence of a typical chai-break that is an indispensable part of a working individual’s routine in Indian society, with pre-mix tea as the core offering.

The idea was to translate the essence of this traditional beverage that has adapted to the needs of time and bridged the gap between the ubiquitous chai galla or street-side stall and the more urbanised haunts of café culture. Research was done on the cultural indispensability of chai in India, its various manufacturing processes and preparatory diversity to the evolution of chai, primary and secondary research, design concepts for a tea experience/ store design, and thematic ideation to concept selection, detailing, and implementation.

Once the positioning was established, the objective was to translate it into a memorable brand name and/or tagline, an evolved corporate identity (logo development and in-store collaterals) along with interior/exterior store communications, and a shopping experience and store design that reflected the new brand positioning.

Due to the extensive nature of research in this project and its coverage of all aspects of branding and store design, it proved to be a wonderfully enriching and informative journey. The design process witnessed numerous challenges of time, budget, space, perspectives, and priorities. These challenges informed one about the intricacy of retail in the industry and shed light on the reality of the business.
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