Jagjeet Shyamkunwar

Sustainable Game Economy

Jagjeet Shyamkunwar


Ms. Amrapali Hazra

Audify Tech


Football World is an exhilarating online multiplayer free-to-play (F2P) game that centres around football penalty
shootouts, offering players the opportunity to compete with friends and fellow players globally. The primary objective
of the project was to establish a meticulously balanced game economy that ensured players could earn and
spend in-game currency harmoniously. Moreover, the game aimed to encourage social interaction and promote
seamless collaboration among players.
Through the utilization of data-driven feedback, the game demonstrated an adaptive design that evolved based on
user interactions, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience. This strategic approach was employed to ensure
the game’s long-term sustainability and its ability to continually offer fresh and engaging experiences while maintaining
its core gameplay mechanics.
Throughout the development journey, a comprehensive understanding was gained of the intricate mechanics that
underpin online multiplayer games. The study of popular casual mobile games and the dissection of their underlying
logic and design principles played a pivotal role in adapting strategies for Football World. Close collaboration with
data analysts enabled the design of key in-game events that facilitated comprehensive performance analysis and provided
Valuable insights into player engagement, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.


Jagjeet Shyamkunwar
Jagjeet Shyamkunwar
Jagjeet Shyamkunwar