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LimeChat, an innovative D2C startup, is on a mission to revolutionize customer interactions with its integrated ecosystem comprising Helpdesk, Marketing, and Automation products. However, their current disjointed user experience has prompted a strategic overhaul. LimeChat's overarching aim is to simplify access, unify setup processes, and enhance connectivity among its offerings, empowering D2C brands to excel in a competitive market.

To achieve this, LimeChat has outlined five key objectives:

Common Information Points (System Level): LimeChat intends to identify shared data elements across their products and establish a unified setup hierarchy. This will streamline data entry and management, reducing redundancy.

Seamless Product Switching: Recognizing the need for effortless transitions between products, LimeChat will assess user expectations and develop an intuitive interface catering to various stakeholder roles.

Access Rights Management: LimeChat plans to simplify access rights configuration by defining clear roles and permissions for Agents, Supervisors, and Administrators, ensuring efficient and secure system access.

User Onboarding Flow: LimeChat aims to optimize the onboarding experience for new users by identifying their expectations and creating a user-friendly setup process for independent account configuration.

Educational Handholding Content: To assist users during setup and product use, LimeChat will provide comprehensive educational content such as tutorials and guides, seamlessly integrated into their platform.

In summary, LimeChat is poised to transform the D2C landscape by enhancing user experience, fostering connectivity, and simplifying processes. Their strategic objectives and research-driven approach underline their commitment to delivering a unified, efficient platform for D2C brands in a dynamic and competitive market.


Abhimanyu  Saha
Abhimanyu  Saha
Abhimanyu  Saha
Abhimanyu  Saha