Konathala Nagasai Vikash

Design Research for Child Safety in Urban Homes

Konathala Nagasai Vikash


Ms. Nijoo Dubey

Kridavat Ventures LLP


Why this project ?

In Bengaluru, Every 15 minutes, a child needs medical attention for an injury-related issue every day, 1 child succumbs to injuries from an accident. Every Single day, 2000 children die in preventable accidents, worldwide. In those, 75 percent to 95 percent are preventable accidents and Risk of poisoning lies on the top [1]


Design for the Safety of 1 to 6-year children in Urban homes. Avoiding them from the potential risks like Risk of poisoning and Accidents (Primary focus is Risk of Poisoning)

Possible Impact based on this Design Research

Preventing children to suffer from different levels of medical trauma and suffering, morbidities and loss of life

Prevention of many parents getting mentally traumatic, because of seeing their children going through this

Envisioning safe and better Infrastructure of Urban homes which are conducive for kids for their good health and safety

Contribution to society to have healthy humanity.


Konathala Nagasai Vikash
Konathala Nagasai Vikash
Konathala Nagasai Vikash
Konathala Nagasai Vikash