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Keerthi Vipul Kumar


Ms. Aarti Srivastava

Welspun Global Brands Ltd.


This design graduation project presents an innovative exploration of print design for Welspun Global Brands, a renowned leader in home textiles and décor. Focused on the intersection of artistry, sustainability, and market relevance, this project redefines the landscape of textile print design by addressing contemporary consumer preferences and global sustainability imperatives.
Project Overview:
The project aims to create a collection of textile prints that resonate with modern consumers seeking both aesthetic appeal and environmentally responsible choices in home textiles. The main objective is to visually enhance the space by introducing unique designs. By integrating cutting-edge digital printing techniques with trending prints, this project seeks to achieve a harmonious balance between style and aesthetics.
·       Market Research: In-depth market research is conducted to identify emerging trends in home textile preferences, colours, and patterns.
·       Digital Printing: State-of-the-art digital printing technology is employed to enable on-demand, efficient, and customised production while minimising waste.
·       Design Innovation: Creativity is at the forefront, with original, captivating print designs inspired by diverse cultural influences and contemporary aesthetics.
·       Market Viability: The project pays meticulous attention to market analysis and consumer behaviour, ensuring that the print designs are not only artistically engaging but also commercially viable.
·       The project's core objective is to infuse innovation into the traditional art of print design.
·       In collaboration with the Welspun's design team, a diverse range of inspirations, materials, and production techniques were explored for the collection.
The aim of this graduation project is to demonstrate that print design in home textiles can be both a testament to artistic innovation and a practical embodiment of sustainability. The results of this endeavor aspire to elevate Welspun Global Brands' commitment to excellence in design.


Keerthi Vipul Kumar
Keerthi Vipul Kumar
Keerthi Vipul Kumar
Keerthi Vipul Kumar