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The Subtle Art of Movie Branding

Nithin Prasad


Mr. Jagadish Kumar



In August of 2022, Vijayan sir, of East Coast Productions, approached Yellowtooths to create a bespoke title logo for an upcoming Malayalam feature film titled 'Kallanum Bhagavathyum'.

The movie revolves around a small-time “Kallan” (thief), who decides to settle the scores once and for all by stealing from his village’s sacred temple. But little did he know what was about to follow him through this deed, as the very “Bhagavathy” (Goddess) begins to haunt him…

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Production: East Coast Productions
Language: Malayalam (India)
Cast: Vishnu Unnikrishnan

A project closely tied in with the folklore of Kerala, with a one-liner pitch, "funny fantasy in horrifying reality". Creating something which is fun, ominous, and fantasized.

Starting off with discussing it with the filmmakers, and distributors themselves. Understanding the core of the narrative, the plot itself. Identifying the target audience to which the movie is specifically catered. And communicating the same emotional core of the movie, the mood it wants to set in with the very Identity.
Ensuring the face, the title logo itself will act as a preface to the movie and narrate the core theme. Bringing in fun and set the tone, and the mood for printed and digital marketing alongside.


Nithin Prasad
Nithin Prasad
Nithin Prasad
Nithin Prasad