Pegallapati Manikanta Rahul

Jigsaw Puzzles for Everyone

Pegallapati Manikanta Rahul


Ms. Amrapali Hazra

Self Sponsored


This project was undertaken to create a digital version of the timeless hobby, Jigsaw Puzzles, for the Free-to-play Mobile platform.

● Breaking down and understanding the core aspects of the visuo-spatial puzzle as an activity, hobby and action.
● Understanding the nuance and effect of images in a puzzle. Explore in detail the effect of various aspects of an image.
● Analyzing the mobile space for games and envision a fun and functional game in the ecosystem.

● Laying down a firm Design Philosophy and guiding principles that will determine a direction for a long-term vision.
● Designing interaction models and gameplay mechanics for a seamless gameplay experience.
● Constructing a player journey and create broader goals and objectives.
● Creating a framework for content and ensure a contextually appealing library of images in the game.

Planning and Implementation:
● Charting a roadmap to bring this game to the market successfully– from inception, to scaling the game to a large audience.
● Understanding requirements and timelines in order to optimize production and product output.
● Exploiting technical systems to create sustainable and flexible game systems that can be easily tested, modified and analyzed for further optimizations.

The project presents insights into player behaviour in casual mobile gaming spaces, approaches to content handling for better testing in games and general production parameters that greatly impact games’ performance in a casual setting.


Pegallapati Manikanta Rahul
Pegallapati Manikanta Rahul
Pegallapati Manikanta Rahul