Sanju Surendran

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Sanju Surendran


Mr. Jonak Das

Eqlyze Educational Initiative pvt


Education can be life changing for an individual. It can give you basic
life skills to let you jump into depths of each subjects. And typically in
a institutionalized way, young learners are bought up in schools. But
there is a lot of points in this modern world where the education loses
its meaning and the way knowledge is shared. It have become about
just reading and writing and consuming the maximum amount of information
we can in the shortest period of time.
EQUP Learning space’s curriculum and methodology is made in a way
that learners should go through all the experiences and multi sensory
education happens. They have given importance to emotional intelligence
while learning. This space can help them more to add to their
teaching methodology and be a subject to it as being the space where
all this will happen.
The project have been conducted under EQUP, a branch of EQLYZE
Educational Initiative, a organization out of Thrissur, Kerala. EQLYZE
have been creating materials and toys for learners to help them learn
in a better way where emotional intelligence comes first. They plan to
create a space in the future, where they can accept learners and use
their methodologies in education.


Sanju Surendran
Sanju Surendran
Sanju Surendran