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Dr. Gayatri Menon



This project aimed to enhance the user experience of Smortr, a web app connecting architects and
clients. It followed a five-phase approach, starting with primary research, including user interviews, surveys, and
competitive analysis. The findings were used to create a persona and user journey map in the second
phase. The third phase focused on ideation and developing new features based on research, utilizing
methods such as affinity mapping and prioritisation matrix. Information architecture was revised
accordingly. In the fourth phase, low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes were created,
incorporating the app's design system. The final phase involved usability testing with 5-10 users
to validate the new features.

The research identified pain points and areas of improvement in existing features like onboarding,
personalization/ recommendation engine, portfolio builder, and brief builder. It also highlighted
the need for new features, such as a contract generator, architect endorsements, and search
filters. These additions aligned with business and technical requirements while enhancing the user
experience. Usability testing ensured that the new features were user­ friendly and effective.

The implications of this project benefit Smortr, its users, and the architecture industry as a
whole. The improved user experience facilitated better connections between architects and clients,
resulting in more successful projects and satisfied users. New users found it easier to navigate
the platform and initiate their projects. The introduction of new features strengthened Smortr's
competitive edge and improved functionality. Overall, this project has the potential to
significantly impact the architecture industry by improving online interactions and collaborations
between architects and clients.


Tejas Gopalan
Tejas Gopalan
Tejas Gopalan