Shruti Ganesh


Shruti Ganesh


Dr. Shilpa Das

Rocket Science Animation


The goal of this project was to develop an original animated series for the client (RocketScience Animation) for children of age 4-7, primarily for Youtube. The show needed to have a fantasy infused lighthearted narrative, and a strong elevator pitch.
After rigorous market research, study of existing shows and in person interviews with both parents and kids, we gained valuable insight.

After multiple rounds of ideation, we developed the idea for JUMBO JASOOS.

Jumbo Jasoos chronicles the adventures of the twin elephant detective team “Jumbo Jasoos”- the naughty and outgoing Appu, the techy and creative Gappu, and their best friend Kiki the crow - who are too curious for their own good, as they tackle problems and solve fantastic mysteries in the hybrid fantasy forest they call their home.
The world of Jumbo Jasoos is when urban fantasy meets the whimsical and energetic style of storytelling for kids. The major points were to highlight the detective genre with fun mysteries, and to establish and get the viewer used to the new world.

The final deliverables of my project are -
1. a fully planned script, storyboard and animatic for an episode
2. An animated trailer for the whole series, created in a narrative introduction style
3. A complete pitch bible for distribution

Through this project, I have gained a much better understanding of my craft, a more in-depth view into the industry, and useful market insight, while at the same time being able to create something bright and full of life. At the end of the day, I wanted to develop a simple, happy narrative which is entertaining to watch, yet has subtle details woven within it, for both the parent and the child.


Shruti Ganesh
Shruti Ganesh
Shruti Ganesh
Shruti Ganesh